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Sim 2 : Summa Cuum Laude Challenge

This is a challenge for those of you who enjoy playing the college scenario...and even if you don't, this might rekindle your interest!

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to get a household of 8 CAS (Create-A-Sim)students to all graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA (Summa Cuum Laude) while living together in a Maxis dorm and also fulfilling a few other side goals. To start the challenge you will need to create a balance of 4 male and 4 female CAS college students, with aspirations and star signs determined by rolling dice (a la legacy challenge).

To determine aspiration:

The number you roll will choose their aspiration:

1 = Romance

2 = Family

3 = Fortune

4 = Knowledge

5 = Popularity

6 = Pleasure (if you don't have Nightlife, roll again until you get a number other than 6)

To determine a starsign: You will need to roll twice for this:1, then an even number = Aries1, then an odd number = Taurus2, then an even number = Gemini2, then an odd number = Cancer3, then an even number = Leo3, then an odd number = Virgo4, then an even number = Libra4, then an odd number = Scorpio5, then an even number = Sagittarius5, then an odd number = Capricorn6, then an even number = Aquarius6, then an odd number = Pisces

Once you have rolled your students' aspirations and star signs, you can make them look however you like, but they must all belong to the same household, then move the whole household into an unmodified Maxis-made dorm. Once there, you have several objectives:

  • All students must graduate with a 4.0 GPA.
  • All students need to maximize at least 1 skill (you choose which ones).
  • At least one of your students has to join the secret society.
  • Your students must throw at least one party at their dorm.

There are also some guidelines you must follow in order to complete the challenge successfully.


  1. No cheats whatsoever, including money cheats, hacked objects and any global hacks that affect things like motives, grades, skill-building, etc. The only cheat you may use is moveobjects on, and only if a Sim gets stuck/frozen
  2. Your household of students may never separate ( they have to stay living together until graduation) even if they don't get along.
  3. They must also stay in the same Maxis dorm until graduation, however you can add furniture, change wallpapers, etc, but only using money your Sims have earned themselves.
  4. In order to join the secret society, you will need to either move your Sims to a Maxis-made college town, or have a secret society lot placed in your custom college 'hood.- In the beginning when you roll for your Sims' star sign, you must go with the default personality assigned to that star sign.


Sim2 : Summa Cuum Laude Challenge

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