This blog is really a continuation of my part 2 blog. I started writing my part 2 blog, when I got really interested in challenges. I wanted to have all of my favorite challenges in one place. So, my Sims2 blog started with a focus on challenges. However, the release of the Sims2 created a frenzy of people asking for places where they can download Sims2 CC.
So, I decided to gather a list of Sims2 websites that were creating Sims2 CC. I started with a few sites I had used before when they had part 2 websites. Since their downloads had never cause any problems with my game, I knew I could trust them. As more and more CC Sims2 websites came on the scene, I tried them on my game, and put them on my Sims2 blog, but only If I knew I could trust them.
However, as time went by, many people really wanted specific, theme related Sims2 CC ( ie. Christmas custom content) ; myself included. That's when I got the idea to gather all the themed Sims2 CC I knew of, and post it. My Sims2 blog also includes other things that a Simmer might want or find useful. However, I try to keep my Sims2 blog based on challenges that I find fun. Although, I have legacy challenges on my Sims2 blog, I mostly post mini-challenges, because those are my favorite.