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Sims 2: The Golddigger Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to get your Golddigging Sim through an
entire lifetime of being supported by rich lovers or spouses without ever
working or holding a job.

*For reasons of clarity, I'm using a female Sim as an example, but
you can use either gender*


1. Create a Sim in CAS and give her the Fortune aspiration. If you have
Free Time, she can have any other secondary aspiration you choose (or

2. No money cheats or hacked objects that would increase her family funds
(including the Dreamcatcher); no aging cheats (aging must be turned
No use of the counterfeiting machine or money tree. No giving
financial advice on the computer, but investing is okay. Other cheats
and reward objects are fine (including the genie lamp).

3. Your golddigger can't open her own business, sell paintings, novels,
crafted items, fresh produce, or fish, or work to support herself in any
other way.

4. She can only date and move in Townies. (no player control Sims)

5. She can sell for cash any gift she receives.

6. Your golddigger can attend college but doesn't have to. If she attends
college, she can use her college grants to buy items, and can place those
items in her inventory for after college, but cannot place anything in
her inventory she didn't buy with her own college grants, or receive from

7. She can start out in either a home or apartment. She can move out
and into better apartments or bigger homes if you like.

8. Your golddigger cannot marry. She must join or move-in with
her lover for one Sim night.


+1 point for every $100,000 of net worth (including the value of her
home and all items in it) your golddigging Sim aquires

-1 point for every time her aspiration meter goes into the red zone

-1 point for every full day her aspiration meter stays red

-5 points for every time she goes into aspiration failure

This challenge can be found in the bbs fourms.

It suggests that you may marry to earn your living. However, o marry for money seemed too much like the "Black Widow" challenge, to me, besides I played this one without marriage and it's still fun.

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Sims 2 : The Golddigger Challenge

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