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This blog is really a continuation of my part 2 blog. I started writing my part 2 blog, when I got really interested in challenges. I wanted to have all of my favorite challenges in one place. So, my Sims2 blog started with a focus on challenges. However, the release of the Sims2 created a frenzy of people asking for places where they can download Sims2 CC.
So, I decided to gather a list of Sims2 websites that were creating Sims2 CC. I started with a few sites I had used before when they had part 2 websites. Since their downloads had never cause any problems with my game, I knew I could trust them. As more and more CC Sims2 websites came on the scene, I tried them on my game, and put them on my Sims2 blog, but only If I knew I could trust them.
However, as time went by, many people really wanted specific, theme related Sims2 CC ( ie. Christmas custom content) ; myself included. That's when I got the idea to gather all the themed Sims2 CC I knew of, and post it. My Sims2 blog also includes other things that a Simmer might want or find useful. However, I try to keep my Sims2 blog based on challenges that I find fun. Although, I have legacy challenges on my Sims2 blog, I mostly post mini-challenges, because those are my favorite.



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On this page I list links to my favorite sites to get all kinds of Sims 2 Mens Downloads:

Sims 2 Mens Hair Downloads: (some male hair;but must register)

Sims 2 Mens Clothes Downloads (Sims 2 Mens Clothing Downloads):

Sims 2 Mens Skins Downloads:

Sims 2 Mens Models:

Sims 2 Mens Custom Content:

Thanks again for visiting my site!

Sims 2: Sims 2 Mens Downloads


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On this page I list links to my favorite sites to get all kinds of Sims 2 Male Downloads:

Sims 2 Male Hair Downloads: (some male hair;but must register)

Sims 2 Male Clothes Downloads (Sims 2 Male Clothing Downloads):

Sims 2 Male Skins Downloads:

Sims 2 Male Models:

Sims 2 Male Custom Content:

Thanks again for visiting my site!

Sims 2: Sims 2 Male Downloads

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Sims 2: The Golddigger Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to get your Golddigging Sim through an
entire lifetime of being supported by rich lovers or spouses without ever
working or holding a job.

*For reasons of clarity, I'm using a female Sim as an example, but
you can use either gender*


1. Create a Sim in CAS and give her the Fortune aspiration. If you have
Free Time, she can have any other secondary aspiration you choose (or

2. No money cheats or hacked objects that would increase her family funds
(including the Dreamcatcher); no aging cheats (aging must be turned
No use of the counterfeiting machine or money tree. No giving
financial advice on the computer, but investing is okay. Other cheats
and reward objects are fine (including the genie lamp).

3. Your golddigger can't open her own business, sell paintings, novels,
crafted items, fresh produce, or fish, or work to support herself in any
other way.

4. She can only date and move in Townies. (no player control Sims)

5. She can sell for cash any gift she receives.

6. Your golddigger can attend college but doesn't have to. If she attends
college, she can use her college grants to buy items, and can place those
items in her inventory for after college, but cannot place anything in
her inventory she didn't buy with her own college grants, or receive from

7. She can start out in either a home or apartment. She can move out
and into better apartments or bigger homes if you like.

8. Your golddigger cannot marry. She must join or move-in with
her lover for one Sim night.


+1 point for every $100,000 of net worth (including the value of her
home and all items in it) your golddigging Sim aquires

-1 point for every time her aspiration meter goes into the red zone

-1 point for every full day her aspiration meter stays red

-5 points for every time she goes into aspiration failure

This challenge can be found in the bbs fourms.

It suggests that you may marry to earn your living. However, o marry for money seemed too much like the "Black Widow" challenge, to me, besides I played this one without marriage and it's still fun.

Source: (

Sims 2 : The Golddigger Challenge

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Sim 2 : Summa Cuum Laude Challenge

This is a challenge for those of you who enjoy playing the college scenario...and even if you don't, this might rekindle your interest!

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to get a household of 8 CAS (Create-A-Sim)students to all graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA (Summa Cuum Laude) while living together in a Maxis dorm and also fulfilling a few other side goals. To start the challenge you will need to create a balance of 4 male and 4 female CAS college students, with aspirations and star signs determined by rolling dice (a la legacy challenge).

To determine aspiration:

The number you roll will choose their aspiration:

1 = Romance

2 = Family

3 = Fortune

4 = Knowledge

5 = Popularity

6 = Pleasure (if you don't have Nightlife, roll again until you get a number other than 6)

To determine a starsign: You will need to roll twice for this:1, then an even number = Aries1, then an odd number = Taurus2, then an even number = Gemini2, then an odd number = Cancer3, then an even number = Leo3, then an odd number = Virgo4, then an even number = Libra4, then an odd number = Scorpio5, then an even number = Sagittarius5, then an odd number = Capricorn6, then an even number = Aquarius6, then an odd number = Pisces

Once you have rolled your students' aspirations and star signs, you can make them look however you like, but they must all belong to the same household, then move the whole household into an unmodified Maxis-made dorm. Once there, you have several objectives:

  • All students must graduate with a 4.0 GPA.
  • All students need to maximize at least 1 skill (you choose which ones).
  • At least one of your students has to join the secret society.
  • Your students must throw at least one party at their dorm.

There are also some guidelines you must follow in order to complete the challenge successfully.


  1. No cheats whatsoever, including money cheats, hacked objects and any global hacks that affect things like motives, grades, skill-building, etc. The only cheat you may use is moveobjects on, and only if a Sim gets stuck/frozen
  2. Your household of students may never separate ( they have to stay living together until graduation) even if they don't get along.
  3. They must also stay in the same Maxis dorm until graduation, however you can add furniture, change wallpapers, etc, but only using money your Sims have earned themselves.
  4. In order to join the secret society, you will need to either move your Sims to a Maxis-made college town, or have a secret society lot placed in your custom college 'hood.- In the beginning when you roll for your Sims' star sign, you must go with the default personality assigned to that star sign.


Sim2 : Summa Cuum Laude Challenge

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<- Here's my banner. (it's 88px X 31px. Please click it, then check it's properties to verify that it is. The green link border makes it appear to be slightly bigger on this page (when right clicking to veiw its properties on this page due to this page's design), so to verify it's actual 88px X 31px size, simply check the properties on the actual image page. Thanks again for visiting my Sims 2 blog .

Friends and Affiliates (My Favorites):

Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)

Sims 2 Inlimiteunder-your-skin


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Sims 2: The Homemaker challenge

Try the Homemaker challenge, and really make your sims work for their keep.

In Homemaker challenge you start in a new neighbourhood and place the 10 different sized empty lots.

Then you create your first generation sims, 1 homemaker and 1 breadwinner.

The job of the breadwinner is to get a job, earn money, make friends, learn skills and get to the top of your career.

 The job of the homemaker is to stay at home (no job) and raise 4 children successfully, success being all 3 toddler skills and then get them into private school.

The homemaker also aims to maximise the homemaking skills.

The homemaker has a very difficult job as they must do all the work without help from nannies, maids or gardeners.

When the eldest child is ready to leave home, the points for the family are added up and entered on the house bio.

If your family achieve a certain level of points they will be entered on the Homemaker Roll of Honor on the web page.

The eldest child then moves into the next empty lot and becomes the breadwinner, the homemaker will be a townie of their choice.

No other townies are moved in, which restricts the amount of money coming into the house.

Also there are strict rules for housebuilding, and a bonus of a bigger house for the next generation if the homemaker in this generation is successful with all the children.

Over the generations a large family community is built up, and the family will have lots of relatives and friends which makes for great social gatherings.

Points are earned for various things such as overachieving child, maximising homemaker skills, successfully bringing up children and so on.

Source (credit):

Sims 2: The Homemaker challenge


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Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)


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SIMS 2 Black Widow Challenge

Note: There are a few different variations on this challenge. This is the one I found.

This is a particularly evil challenge, so prepare to do the worst to your sims.

Starting Point:

1. Create a female character and give her the romance aspiration.
2.You can use the money cheat, and the move objects on to fix any bugs. Those are the only cheats that are allowed in the challenge.
3. Make your romance sim fall in love with a townie or any other NCP. Have your female sim fall in love with them and have them move in. Make her fall in love with another one (Affair time!!!!). Get caught cheating. After this, kill the first sim that moved into your house,and make your new affair move in with you. Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more.


*The challenge ends for you if the female sim is scared to death by one of the ghosts of your former affairs.*


Add +50 for every affair you successfully end in death.

+30 for every different ghost that appears.

+50 for every partner killed by Ghost.

+30 for each kid that has a different dad

+5 for every Lesbian affair

+30 If caught cheating "Wohooing"

+5 If caught cheating in any other way.

+50 if partner died in Platinium Asp.

+40 if partner died with -100 in the relationship bar with your sim.

+100 Achieving more that 15 graves.

+10 points per grave.

+20 each time asp. bar goes platinium.

+2 per each time slapped.

Subtract -100 If your sim is killed by a ghost thus ending challenge.

-40 for every partner that dies naturally.

-30 for every kid taken away by the Social worker.

-50 each time aspiration bar goes red

-5 for fire,burglary,gnome stolen or slapped by neighbors for spying.

-50 If Ghost is a helpful ghost(cleaning the house, etc)

-50 If your sim breaks down.

-50 If partner abducted by alien and pregnant.

-20 If alien baby is born.

-10 if partner is killed by starvation

-20 If woohoo rejected

-30 if moving in rejected


SIMS 2: The Black Widow Challenge

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I found this challenge and thought that it may be a good challenge for some Simmers.

The List
Here is the list of things that you need to get pictures of in your game!

Toddler picking nose

Toddler climbing out of crib

Aspiration failure: Family Sim stealing newspaper

death by satellite

at least 1 ghost

Bella Goth

Repo Man



Alien abduction

Baby alien born to CAS Sims

First kiss

Toddler eating a toy

A Sim Farting

A Sim "worrying"

A sponge bath

A Fight (Dust flying & Everything)

Playing on the fridge door

Stuffing your face from the fridge

An electrocution

The Grim Reaper

Social Bunny

Sim peeing on a bush

Naked Sim at a fire

Licking a plate clean

Stealing a garden gnome

Kicking over a trash can

Eating out of garbage can

A Sim Crying

  • Now, Go out there and Find Those Pictures! As we get completed entries, they will be posted here below. Happy Hunting!
  • After you are through with your list please follow rules at:

credit: (source: simcasticdesigns)


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Sims 2: The Homeless challenge

(updated version here)
Note: I wondered if I should include this challenge on the site, because it sounds so much like the "poverty challenge". Although, after playing it I think it really is like the poverty challenge (only 10 times as hard). I realized that I'm suppose to put my favorite challenges on here. It wouldn't be fare if I didn't even mention this one. You can try this one, or the poverty challenge; but try both. See which is the hardest.
Warning: This is really hard. As in, mind-blowingly aggravating. It will also be extremely hard, if not impossible, to do this without expansion packs, since your options for earning money are much more limited.The rules were created for realism, not sanity.

Basic synopsis: You are one of the thousands of homeless roaming the streets. With little to nothing in your name, can you save up enough to buy your own little lot of land and finally leave the streets for good?

Setting up: Start off with one Sim. Give them the Fortune aspiration, then roll for personality any way you wish.

The Home Lot:You found this abandoned lot on the corner of nowhere as a safe place to sleep and sometimes store little tidbits. You dream about someday owning it…Buy any size lot, then reduce funds to $100(You’re poor, remember?) You cannot have a house or build anything on the small lot, including swimming pools, etc. In fact, the only thing you are allowed to do in build mode is flatten terrain.

Objects:-Only small, non permanent objects are allowed. Placing anything else on the lot will alert the police to the fact that you are hiding there and might get you thrown into jail for trespassing. -No toilets, sinks, stoves, baths, or even phones, etc.
  • (*EDIT* Thank you to Engram for bring this to my attention. Non-BV players are allowed to have one phone, but may not use it for anything other than taxi rides.)
In fact, for most of the challenge the only objects that will even touch ground will be the newspaper or the bills. Obviously, without a phone, you are also not allowed to hire a maid (to clean what?), exterminator, etc. You’re homeless, you don’t need it anyway.
If you have Nightlife, only six tiles worth of portable objects will be allowed in your inventory (so for instance, if an object takes up two tiles, you only have four tiles worth of space left). If you do not have NL, you are allowed to place the six tiles of portable objects on the ground.
Be reasonable: a large statue, though only taking up one tile, is most definitely not portable. An easel, however, is. And a tent is not considered portable for our purposes.
A few objects seem to be ‘gray area’: the small telescope is considered portable, however, it may not be worth it (it takes up quite a few tiles).
The grill is obviously not portable, and neither is anything that causes fire, really. The police would immediately notice you and evict you.
Newspapers and bills do not count towards the 6-tile limit.Money Matters You cannot take a job because of your shabby appearance, so the newspaper is essentially only good for the crossword. After that the only use for it would be as a paper plane. Do not underestimate this!
Since you are essentially homeless, very few “fun” restorers will be available to you right from the start. Use your resources wisely. The bills must be paid even if you do not actually own the land. They will represent your other living costs, such as taxi fares (which do not exist in Simcity for some odd reason).
Needs As you may have assumed, your survival depends upon using the community lots well.
Most stores will have sinks/toilets you can use, and some will also have food (you may also have to pay for this, so be careful!).
Restaurants, coffee shops, and OFB businesses(if applicable) are also allowed, so use them to your best advantage.
However, the player-owned businesses cannot hire you.
As for sleeping, you are not allowed to use hacks to sleep on community lots, and can only sleep on the floor at your home lot.
You cannot create an all-in-one community lot specifically for this challenge.
Finishing the Challenge:
The basic goal of it all is to earn $20,000 any way possible.
Work as a bartender, barista, DJ, anything like that
You may also (as mentioned) use the easel to sell paintings.
You can move in and/or sleep with whoever you wish (except for playables), but no hacks are allowed in the process…and remember, you don’t have a phone or computer, so consistent communication with a townie is very difficult.
You may move one person in only, and cannot use the Ask... interaction about money.
If a townie does move in, they MUST quit their job (AKA get fired for not going).
You may not control the townie.
You must bring the townie/NPC with you at all times (if you go to a community lot, you must bring them.)
No dates or outings.
Kids are not allowed out of concern for player’s (remaining) sanity.
After earning $20,000 you can apply to be the owner of the abandoned lot you sometimes haunt (AKA your Home lot), and the challenge is over.
  • If your poor Sim dies, you do have ONE grace quit without saving in case of a situation impossible to survive as a hobo in. That's all. Once you get over that, you lose the challenge.
  • If you get turned into a vampire, you are allowed to quit without saving. If too late, you are allowed to cheat to return to normal, however, both count as your one grace opportunity.
+100 for every friend you make
+500 additionally for every love
+1 for every aspiration point
+1000 for every $10,000 (so at the end, if you finish, you’ll get 2,000 pts automatically)
-100 for every enemy
-10 for every day that it takes to get to 20,000 (if you finish)
Expansion pack extras:
No cell phones
No dates.
Obviously no OFB businesses.
The OFB creations are otherwise considered GREY AREA, banned or allowed according to the player's wishes.
The stations do count toward the inventory max, however.
No gardening.
In Seasons, arrange the seasons so that there is no Fall.
No digging for treasure.
Sims 2: The Homeless challenge
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The Sims 2 Solitary Challenge

Llamanator Corps. is conducting an experiment on un-educated Sims. Eight Sims have signed up for the project for a free llama when the experiment is over...if it ever will be over. They will be trapped in solitary confinement for an entire month. Their goal is to teach themselves as much as they can within that time.


Try to get as many skill points for each Sim as possible before they become an elder/within thirty days.

Beginning the game:

Build eight octagonal rooms on an empty lot with the length of 2 tiles per wall. You may also add a 2x2 attachment to the rooms. You may add the cheapest ceiling light to each "pod".There may be no windows or doors connecting to the outside world.Move in eight adult sims and move one to each pod using "moveobjects on".Place the cheapest fridge in each pod.Place the cheapest trash can in each pod. (Or if you have it, the trash chute)Begin!I suggest randomly assigning an aspiration to each Sim. It's much harder to manage certain Sims than others and it's interesting to compare the differences.


a.You MAY re-buy a fridge if there is no food available.

b.You MAY re-buy a trash can if it is full.

c.You may NOT have your Sim leave their pod for whatever reason.

d.You may NOT delete the mailbox.

e. You may NOT re-buy an item if it is taken away from the repo-man.

f.Starting at 6PM, at every 6AM/PM and 12AM/PM, you may buy the cheapest type of one object (Bed, T.V, Bookcase, etc.) and delete one object on the ENTIRE lot. These times will be known as "buying periods".

g. At every buying period, instead of buying an object, you may upgrade a specific item to the next cheapest one available.. (i.e. You have the cheapest television set. You may upgrade that T.V. at a buying period to the next cheapest television set)

NOTE: For beds, you must first buy the cheapest couch and upgrade that to a bed.

h. Only one item can be added to each pod each day. No "4 items for one pod".


You may count the score once 30 days have passed.

+1 for each skill point gained

+2 for each badge level gained (1 gold badge + a bronze badge = 4 badge levels)

-20 for every death.


The Sims 2 Solitary Challenge

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SIMS 2: Sims 2 "Bachelor/Bachelorette" Challenge

The challenge basically mimics (or satirisies) the TV show The Bachelor, and the idea is to start with a sim who needs a life-partner, and end up with that sim fulfilling a want to get married to a specific sim.

General Rules:

No cheats or hacks that modify relationships, jealousy or mood. Hacks to make gameplay smoother may be okay, but if it feels like a cheat, it probably is a cheat. If you normally use crowd-controlling hacks like JMP’s Bathroom Uses You, you may use them, but then you may not direct your sims to use the bathroom or whatever.Motherlode to your heart’s content (you are, after all, the producer of a successful reality show). Of course, if you want to play some cheap low-budget knock-off version in a shack, that’s fine, too.
  • If you are planning to play the couple at the end of the challenge, you may want to turn aging off.
You may not ever direct any of the sims in the bachelor mansion to interact with one another, except where it is required in the daily rules. You may not cancel any spontaneous interactions between any sims. If slapping is about to occur, you must watch it happen. Pausing to take pictures is encouraged. This challenge requires you, the director, to remain mostly hands-off. You may direct each sim to the toilet and shower once per day, and you may send them to bed. If you play the aspiration failure rule, you may also direct them to fulfill one want per day, as long as it is not a relationship-type want. Eg, directing them to work out to get a skill point is fine. Directing sims so they don’t die is fine; e.g. if you use the buffet table, you must direct sims to clean it up and serve food once in a while. Giving sims things to do so they don’t interrupt dates is a grey area. Consult your conscience.
  • No sims may hold jobs during the course of this challenge, nor may they communicate with family or friends outside the house.
  • Every day at 12 noon, you must pause the game and check your lonely sim’s relationship with the other singles in the house. Add the top (daily) and bottom (lifetime) scores together (note that this scoring method will not be exactly the same as the ranking your sims get in their relationship list). The sim with the lowest score must move out. In the event of a tie (very likely in the final couple of days); use the following rules to eliminate someone:
Check the lightning bolts – the sim with the higher compatibility stays.
  • If compatibility is the same, check the single sims’ relationship with your lonely sim – the one with the lower score is out.
  • If it is still a tie, check the wants and fears of your lonely sim – if he/she wants to woohoo, get engaged to or marry one of the sims, that sim stays.
  • If it is still a tie, check the wants and fears of the singles – if one of them wants to woohoo, get engaged to or marry the bachelor/ette, that sim stays.
  • If you have to, add up the previous two items. The sim with the most favourable wants is not eliminated. Flip a coin.
By the end of 7 days you should have a couple who want to get married. Throw a wedding and let them keep the house, or move them out and award them a cash prize. Losers can be recycled through the challenge again, or converted into players in the Asylum challenge.Aspiration failure – you have two choices. You may, as stated above, fulfil one aspiration want per day. If you do this, however, any sim who goes into aspiration failure is immediately eliminated, and there is no elimination at the next regular elimination time. On the other hand, if you want, you can play hands-off, not fulfilling any wants, and leave the psycho sims in place.Optional Drama Queen Rules
When you have to direct your sims to perform an interaction during a date, always choose the riskiest action. This includes using the lightning-bolt actions. For instance, from the flirt menu, you should choose “caress” if it is available, rather than “hold hands” or “suggestion”. If an interaction is rejected, you do not have to repeat it on that date.If there is an outburst of jealousy (slapping), involving multiple sims, you may invoke a recall at the next elimination. If the sim who was eliminated last now has a higher relationship score with the lonely sim than 2 other sims, eliminate both sims, and bring the previously eliminated sim back. Starting the Challenge
  • Build your mansion. Part of the challenge in terms of getting smooth gameplay is in good building. See below for suggestions, but there are no requirements for building.
  • Create or borrow your lonely sim. The lonely sim can be a CAS sim, or it could be one someone else made (ask permission). I think it is fine if the lonely sim is one who was born in-game and has been played before, as long as he/she is not in love with any other sim. University graduates are fine.
  • If you are playing an existing sim, be mindful of the “no outside communication” rule.
  • If your lonely sim is a CAS sim, you may move him/her into the house first, and play him/her for a day to get into a good mood.
  • You will need to have the lonely sim perform the “check sim out” interaction on a random stranger (not one of the singles), so the action “scope room” becomes available.

You will need 7 single sims. Again, make them yourself, borrow them, or drag them away from their happy families. See below for discussion of turn ons/offs.Compatibility – your choices
When creating your sims for this challenge, you will need to make some choices about aspirations and turn ons/offs. You can make all of these totally random, of course, or you can do some social engineering.

The difference in the gameplay will be that if your singles vary widely, you are more likely to get one obvious “right” choice for a couple. The more similar the singles are, the closer the decision will be. I tend to lean towards this option as being more entertaining.
Compatibility is, in part, based on aspiration. You might want to make all your sims the same aspiration, or you can make a variety of aspirations and see how they interact. From observation, Fortune sims really suck at this challenge, so you might want to avoid them, or could make all of your singles Fortune, and watch them go into aspiration failure (JMP variation).

Star sign is also a factor in attraction, so you will need to consider whether you want a variety here, or all your singles to have essentially the same personality.
You may want to consult the compatibility chart when you are making your decisions.
Playing this challenge might give some interesting insights into the accuracy of the chart.
Turn on/off:
you can make them random, or you can choose to give everyone the same. If choose to make the turn ons/offs the same for all the singles, you also have the choice of whether to engineer them so they are favourable, neutral or negative (JMP variation).
For example, if your single guy is a redhead with a beard, you can make the girls all like red hair and beards (favourable), or make them like swimwear and cologne (neutral), or make them hate red hair (negative). The same goes for your lonely sim.

Daily Rules :

I found that since Nightlife, sims seem to get to know each other much more quickly, so some of my changes to the rules here are to give them more free time because they don’t need nearly as much help to develop relationships. During “date time”, that is, when you are directing your sims to interact, you may want to put them in a date room which is out of the way of other sims (to minimise jealousy issues). Give your sims a few minutes either before or after the required date interactions to socialise autonomously.
N.B. Until the final 3, "date time" is just time when you get your sims (hopefully alone together) to interact. You don't use the "ask on a date" interaction at this time. I guess you could, if you wanted to, but the rules about not directing interactions would apply.

Day 1
  • Meet and greet. No required interactions, just let your sims get to know each other. If you get the chance, have your lonely sim do a “scope room” when all the singles are in the same place. If you want, for variety, have all the sims go on an outing together. You have to let them interact without intervention, so it might be a short trip.

Day 2

  • At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out. After the elimination, it’s time for group dates in the hot tub. Put the lonely sim in the hot tub, then pause the game, and direct all the singles to get in. Then unpause. Ready, set go! The race will be more amusing if there are stairs to the tub. Someone will get distracted by the buffet. The hot tub date should last 2-3 hours. The sims who miss out can be left alone, directed to a spare hot tub, directed to fulfil a want (if that’s how you are playing) or directed to work out. This last direction becomes more of an issue as turkey syndrome sets in. At 5pm have someone open the buffet (or serve a meal), and hopefully they will all eat together.
    1 on 1 dates: in the evening, have the lonely sim do the “check sim out” interaction, and dance with each single sim.

Day 3

  • Before elimination at noon, have your lonely sim flirt with each of your single sims.
    At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out. Most of your sims should be friends with the lonely sim by now. If relationships are slow to build, hold another the hot tub date. Chess dates: get your sim to play chess with each of the single sims for about an hour each.

Day 4

  • Morning dates – have your lonely sim do 1 flirt, 1 hug and 1 ask “do you like what you see” with the singles. At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out. Send your sims on an outing, or let them hang out at home.
  • Evening dates – give each of your singles an hour alone with the lonely sim in a room that has music. Initiate one flirt, but let them do what they want for the rest of the time.

Day 5

  • Morning dates – change things around. Have your singles initiate 1 flirt, 1 hug and 1 kiss with your lonely sim. At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out. Now you only have 3 singles left, it is probably manageable to send your sims on actual NL-style dates. Send them to a venue of your choice. Actually, it’s better if you send the lonely sim to the venue and then call the date because going to a venue seems to waste a lot of date time. You may not direct any actions or interactions, except interactions that sims will not do autonomously. You may direct interactions such as "dine out with" or "sing karaoke with," but only if both sims want to do the action. If both sims want to woohoo, you may direct them to do so. It’s really quite hard to get a good date if you let sims just do what they want. Maybe there’s a key in good venue design.

Day 6

  • Morning dates – have your lonely sim do 1 flirt and 1 kiss with the singles.
    At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out.
    Have your single ask his/her final 2 on dates. Dress up, go somewhere nice. :)

Day 7

Have your lonely sim agonize all morning over the final decision.
At 12 noon, the sim with the lowest score is out.
Hopefully, you will be able to hold a wedding in the afternoon.
Huzzah! You won the challenge.

Helpful Hints :

The buffet table is a much better way to feed your sims if you are dealing with a house full of CAS sims with no cooking skill. On the other hand, if you have any Grilled Cheese sims, you should probably have a stove. Put a secret room in the basement and hide a fridge in there and anything else you don’t want them to have. Having lots of fun group activity items will help move the challenge along.Lots of bathrooms! Put a Men’s/Women’s room door or a lockable door on one bedroom and bathroom to reserve them for the lonely sim’s use. You can give him/her a double bed, and finally unlock the door when the lucky winner is chosen.You may hire a maid and gardener.
credit: source (

SIMS 2: Sims 2 "Bachelor/Bachelorette" Challenge
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The Sims 2 "Sleeping Through College" Challenge

Note: This is a short challenge for The Sims 2. It could probably be played through in a sitting or two (or six), rather than an enormous long challenge like Legacy.

The basic aim of the Sleeping Through College Challenge is to graduate from college as well as possible while doing as little academic work as possible. The Challenge involves just a single main Sim, and the rules apply from the moment that Sim enters college to the moment e graduates (or the moment the challenge is failed, whichever comes first). The main Sim may be male or female, and of any aspiration (although certain aspirations may lend themselves more naturally to it), and may come from Create A Student, from moving in a previously-uncontrollable dormie, or from a neighborhood (incoming skill levels have scoring consequences as described below). The main Sim may live in any type of college housing, and there may be other controllable Sims living on the same lot, subject to the rules and scoring below.

Basic rules:

No cheats. Specifically, no typing anything on the cheat command line, or using any mods that change the game behavior, with these exceptions: moveObjects may be used to move or delete glitched objects; mods that are solely to prevent or fix nasty obvious game bugs / glitches may be used as required (but if they have other features, those other features may not be used); cheats and mods that have only a visual effect (blur removal, improved lighting models, etc) may be used at will. Aspiration rewards acquired normally by the main Sim may be used at will, but hacked rewards (buyable, hacked collections, etc) are forbidden. (i.e. pretty much Legacy cheat/mod rules.) Unlike Legacy, you may exit the lot without saving (life is too short), with scoring consequences as described below.

Academic rules:

No assignments or term papers or tutoring or research. The main Sim may not work on an assignment at any time (the College / Do Assignment verb may be used, but must be cancelled as soon as the Sim has put down the little assignment book), nor on a thesis, nor do research nor join group research. No other controllable Sim may ever work on an assignment or thesis for the main Sim, or Influence any other Sim to do so. (The main Sim may influence non-controllable Sims to do so at any time without penalty.) No other controllable Sim may Introduce the main Sim to any professor using the Introduce verb. The main Sim may not ask any professor for tutoring at any time. The main Sim may attend up to three classes (in the entire course of the Challenge, not per term or per year), and any number of final exams, with scoring consequences as described below.

Miscellanous rules:

  • No controllable on any other lot may invite the main Sim over as a guest (penalty: immediate FAILURE); if the main Sim happens to show up as a walkby, controllables on the lot may interact with em normally (the Gods have smiled upon you), but they may not Introduce em to any professors or do anything else that would have immediate GPA consequences. The main Sim may not use any Aspiration (or Career) Rewards that e did not buy emself with eir own Aspiration points, except for standard, non-hacked rewards on Secret Society lots, which may be used at will.
  • If anything happens that would normally constitute an immediate FAILURE, you may exit the lot without saving and avoid the failure, subject to the exit-without-saving scoring penalties as described below.

Main Scoring:

Number of classes attended none: +1000 points (entire college career):
one: +500 points
two: +0 points
three: -250 points
four or more: FAILURE

Number of assignments or theses or research sessions worked on:
none: +0 points
one or more: FAILURE

(Other grounds for immediate FAILURE include the main Sim doing research of any kind, having other controllables do assignments for the main Sim, and so on; see "Academic rules" above.)

  • Graduation:
  • Summa C Laude: +1500 points
  • Magna C Laude: +1000 points
  • C Laude: +750 points
  • Other: +500 points
  • Academic probation: -500 points per incident.
  • Aspiration failure: -500 points per incident (shrink, potato sack, mop, etc).
    Kicked out of college: FAILURE
    Death (obviously): FAILURE

All sortsa minor little bonuses and penalties and stuff, 'cause I like those:

  • Main Sim from CAS (no incoming skills): +100 points
  • Main Sim starts with 20 or more skill points: -100 points
  • Main Sim never lives on anything but a standard unenhanced (at the time the Sim arrives) Maxis dorm: +100
  • Main Sim lives for any period of time on an absurdly fancy mansion-type lot (use your own judgement): -100

+100 points for each final exam skipped.

Style bonuses:

  • +50 points for each semester (each half of a year) in which the main Sim uses neither "Influence... to do my assignment" nor "Influence... to write my thesis".
  • +50 points for each semester (each half of a year) in which the main Sim has no non-autonomous romantic interactions with a Professor.

Drama bonus: graduate without majoring in anything but Drama: +100 points

Dorm bonus: graduate never having lived in any non-dorm college lot: +100 points Loner bonus: graduate never having lived in a college lot with another controllable: +100 points

Dumb luck adjustments:

  • any significant glitch in your favor that you feel guilty enough about to apply this adjustment: -100 points
  • any significant glitch against you that you'd like some compensation for: +0 (life is hard)
  • Exiting the lot without saving: -100 points per incident, and you must appropriately annotate your score (e. g. "450 points, including a 100 point penalty for exiting without saving that time the dorm burned down").

Note: that this Challenge is not intended to be all that hard to simply complete; the goal is to complete it and get as many points as possible. It's even possible to finish successfully with a negative score; that's okay, you'll just have to do better next time.

credit: (source:

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'Til Death Do Us Part Challenge

Here are the official 'Til Death Do Us Part challenge rules
and regulations:

Til Death Do Us Part is a longer challenge and requires you create a family
that spans a total of 5 generations. This family revolves around marriage. Your
goal to have 5 children per generation, sending them each to college and then
returning to your main family to marry each of them off. Your oldest child and
his or her spouse stay in the house to continue on the family legacy. Your challenge
ends once the parents of the 5th generation dies. If for some reason the eldest
child dies, during the course of the game, the 2nd eldest child is to move back
home with his or her spouse to continue the family legacy.

Your starter family must be only two members, one male and one female.

Your starter family may have up to one pet.

You must use the personality picker and aspiration selector found at this site
for all the sims in your family. You may fine tune their personality points
but only if they are still within their chosen astrological sign.

You must have atleast two kids per generation (one male and one female). You
can have more than two kids but you must have atleast one male and one female
per generation

Each Sim in your family must have atleast 3 unique friends. If you have 17 kids,
that means every single kid must have 3 friends too. Each friend must be unique.
In other words, if your sim is friends with Silly Sue, then another Sim in your
family can't count her as a friend.

After you have your first child one of your sims must quit his or her job and
be the homemaker. They may earn money around the house (sell paintings, gardening,
etc.) but they may not work outside the home.

All children must go to college.

You may not use any cheats performance enhancing objects in the game during
this challenge.


1 point for every child your family raises to young adult

+1 point for every scholorship your child gets

+1 for every friend your sim has more than 3

+1 point for each overachieving teenager

+1 for owning a car

-1 for every enemy

+1 for each sim that gets into private school

+2 points if your family has more than 100,000 in their bank account.


+1,000 for alien abduction

+1000 for every platinum tombstone

+1,000 for a lifetime want (max 1 per sim)

+1,000 for 10 or more best friends

+1,000 for top of career track

+1,000 for 10 or more kids

+1,000 for more than 100,000 aspiration points per sim

+150 for every max skill a sim in your family has

  • minus 1 point each time you get a message from the paperboy/girl saying they
    cannot deliver
  • minus 1 point for each visit from the repo man
  • minus 1 point each time a sim goes into aspiration failure requiring a visit
    from the shrink.
  • minus 2 points each time you get bugs!
  • minus 2 points each time anyone gets food poisoning (other illnesses do not
    lose points)

Credit: (source mensuck. com)

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Sims 2 Nickel and Dimed Challenge

This challenge was inspired by, and is named for, the book “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich (which has nothing whatsoever to do with Sims, but is nevertheless highly recommended). The idea is to mimic as closely as possible the life of an unskilled single mother trying to make ends meet for herself and her kids. I know there are some challenges that include similar ideas (Single Parent, Poverty, etc.), but I seriously think you should try this one. This challenge has some restrictions that will keep your financial situation very tense. (at least at first, it gets easier later on), but apart from financial problems, you’re allowed to do pretty much anything you want. (as long as you can afford it). Taking the whole family on a seven day vacation is not forbidden – and if you can find a way to do it, well... do it!

Starting Conditions:
You’re a single parent with almost no assets and no marketable skills. You have been a
homemaker and out of the job market for years, but now your partner is gone and you need to be the bread winner.

Create a family in CAS:
A Mom (or Dad – there’s no real reason why your single parent can’t be male; single dad’s are rarer than single moms, but there are nevertheless lots of them out there. Nevertheless, I will refer to the parent as “Mom” in these rules, since I can’t be bothered to write “Mom or Dad” all the time).
Can be any aspiration you want, and have any character traits you want. Obviously, certain traits, like being active and neat, will make life easier, but if you want an extra challenge, making a lazy sloppy wealth aspiration Sim could sure make things interesting. You can even role for it if you want to.

A Child – any gender, any personality, anything you like.

A Toddler – again, you’re completely free in your choices.

  • You have to start on a blank 4x4 lot.
  • Your house must be built with the original 20k. (No money cheats)
  • Your family can’t have more than $400 cash.

1.Must delete Mr. Humble's computer, if you have freetime. (remember, you are poor).
2.Life in poor neighbourhoods is often unsafe , so you cannot have a burglar or smoke alarm, and no sprinklers.
3.If you’re given the genie lamp, you have to keep it, unused, in some corner of your lot. No selling it, and no wishes. (unless you have an expansion pack, that has an inventory. Put it there).
4.Custom content is okay if it’s things like recolors or hairstyles. No special objects that will make your Sims life easier, like a bottomless fridge or items priced $0.5.
5.No quitting without saving after bad events.
6.No aspiration reward objects.
7.If you want a kid to go to college, they can, but only if they manage to raise at least $2500 in scholarships, since you won’t be able to help them. Also, they have to live with you until their late teens (after all, 13 year old don’t go to college). Once the age indicator reads “becomes an adult in 5 days” (or less), you can have them move to college.

The Goal:
Raising your kids sucessfully until they’re old enough to take care of themselves. If you can get all children to adult age without anyone dying or being taken away by the social worker, you’ve made it.

Note: In the real world there are skills and other rules included, that may not be actuate. Some of the skills such as creative skills, wouldn't necessary get you a promotion. Although in the Sim having these skills, are very likely to so.)

We’re simulating the life of an unskilled worker, so obviously, there are severe restrictions on skill building. These restrictions apply only to the Mom, not the kids.

  1. Cooking & Cleaning: Obviously, you will automatically build up some skills in these areas just by keeping house. But since the last thing Mom would want to do after a long day of working and household chores is sit down and read about cleaning.- cleaning can only be learned “by doing,” not from a book. Cooking can be learned “by doing” or from the TV (since many people enjoy cooking shows. However like cleaning it can't be read learned by book.
  2. Mom cannot have more than one skill point each in mechanical, charisma, creativity, logic, or body. (If something breaks or your Sim get fat, find a way to live with it, or/and influence someone to fix the broken object).

Exception: If any extra skills are gained through chance cards, that’s okay.

Job Restrictions:

Since unskilled workers usually have to deal with very low salaries (minimum wage, or less if it’s a “tipped” job), you can only work in the following career tracks:
Gamer (Seasons)
Music (Seasons)
Architect (Free Time)
Dance (Free Time)
1.If none of these are offered on the day you’re looking, that means you couldn’t find a job, and will have to try again the next day. (This applies only to the Mom, teens can take jobs in any career track you want.)
2.Of course, because of the limits on skilling, you can’t advance very far; if you get promoted “above your skills” by a chance card, that’s fine.
3.You get NO vacation or sick days. If your Mom misses the car pool for any reason, she HAS to quit her job (unless you have another way to get her to work) immediately (i.e. before the “paid vacation” kicks in – if you don’t have any days of paid vacation piled up, you have to quit your job anyway).
4.Job hunting is hard, it takes time, effort, and resources (filling in applications, getting to interviews, waiting to hear back, going to drug tests…). If you lose/quit your job for any reason, you cannot immediately take a new one from the paper ( you have to wait until the next paper). If you have a computer, you have to wait from the point you lose/quit your job until the next time the jobs on offers change.
5.Neither Mom nor any teenagers of the household may work for any owned businesses by neighborhood Sims.
6.When mom becomes an elder, she has to quit her job (not retire) and take an elder job instead.

(There are a few exceptions to the “no extra money” rule, see end of this section.)

  • Career track jobs are the only source of income. The following restrictions apply to all
    members of your family. They’re designed to make the game a little more realistic.
  • You cannot open your own business, neither at home nor on a community lot .
  • Absolutely NO selling of paintings, pottery, robots, etc. Mom can’t paint anyway, obviously, but the kids can – but if they do, you have to hang their painting somewhere in the house (or put them in the inventory) not sell them for cash.

  • No working on community lots (as a DJ, bartender, etc.), performing for tips, hustling pool, taking part in competitions, etc.

  • No selling off furniture.
There are only two exceptions to this rule:
You can sell furniture if you’re upgrading to a better item of the same kind.
You can sell “outgrown” items such as the crib and any toddler items once your youngest becomes a child.

No selling date rewards (if you even have the time, money, and energy to date) – if your beau gives you a bunch of flowers, you can’t turn around and sell it for grocery money. If it’s a bunch of flowers or a small item, you may use it, but if it’s anything “big” (i.e. worth over $200)
It has to be kept in inventory and not used.
No pet jobs, or selling pets for money (see below).
If you decide to grow vegetables in your garden or to go fishing (on a community lot – no adding a pond to your lot), the resulting produce/fish must be used to stock the fridge or juicer or hung on the wall – no selling for cash. (This rule also applies to boots.)
Absolutely no digging for treasure.


The only ways you are allowed to make extra money are the following:
Your children can run a lemonade stand. (This is the sole exception to the “no own business” rule.)

  • Teens can get a job (in any career track) – but if they do, they have to abide by the “no vacation or sick days” rule.

  • Salvaging.

  • If you get money in a way you can’t help, like through a chance card, or a kid getting money from a relative for good grades, or an uncontrollable side effect from something like the telescope.

  • Service Sims:
    You cannot hire the maid or gardener.
    You can (and will have to) hire the nanny. Since you
    can't skill mechanical beyond one point, you may have to hire a repairman, or live with the broken object (unless one of your kids is old enough to repair, or you can influence a
    neighbor). No selling and replacing it . Apart from the maid and gardener, you're free to hire any service Sim you want and can pay for, order pizza, and do anything else the phone allows.

    Since moving is expensive, you have to play the whole challenge on the same lot. You can, however, make any changes to the house that you can afford (without cheats or hacked $0 items).
    As soon as a teen turns adult, they have to move out on their own. They cannot take any siblings with them (but can take pets). Symbolically for all the stuff a person normally takes when they move out, they must take their bed. If you have a bunch of old craft projects, and date flowers hanging around the lot that you don't know what to do with, they can take those, too - in fact, this is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer want. If the child is going to college, the same rules apply (except that they obviously can't take pets).
    You cannot move another Sim into the lot - this means no getting married in particular, but also no "roomies" or anything. The only way other Sims may join your family is through birth or adoption.

    You are allowed to get a pet from any source - adopt a stray, adopt from the agency or go to a pet store (if you can afford it). But keep in mind the expenses.
    If you decide to adopt a pet, the pet cannot get a job (in real life, the only people who make money with their pets are professional animal trainers, not average working people.) You also cannot sell your pets, or breed litters for money - any pets you can no longer keep have to be given away, not sold. (The prices you get in the game for pets are ridiculous. Real life breeders make nowhere near that much - in fact, good responsible breeders who do all the necessary health checks and provide optimum care usually barely break even. No way could you make enough money from a litter of kittens to feed your family for a month)!

    People help each other out, any member of your family is free to use their influence points to get visitors to repair, clean, etc.

    • You cannot get your children into private school.
    • Mom can only help children with homework - teenagers have to cope without help.

    You must take all chance cards.
    No using the "grow up" self-interaction. You have to wait till the Sims grow up naturally. You may adopt a baby, toddler, or child if you want to (and can get approved).
    Please note that you cannot adopt a teens.If you do adopt, please remember that the challenge ends when the youngest kid is out on their own - so if you adopt a kid younger than those from CAS, your challenge will take longer.
    Scoring System:
    If any sim dies or is taken away by a social worker, you failed the challenge and get no points.
    If you manage to get all kids to the point of independence:
    +2 every time a sim grows up in platinum.
    +1 every time a sim grows up in gold.
    -1 every time a sim grows up in red.
    +2 for every skill maxed by a sim
    +5 for every kid that makes it to college (in accordance with the conditions above)

    +3 for adopting a child
    +4 for adopting a toddler
    +5 for adopting a baby
    +10 for a pregnancy resulting in one baby
    +15 for a pregnancy resulting in twins.

    +3 for adopting a stray
    +2 for adopting a kitten/puppy via the agency or buying one
    +1 for adopting an adult pet via the agency or buying one
    +1 for buying a womrat, bird, or fish
    -5 for any pet that runs away (regardless of whether you get it back or not), is taken away, or
    dies (womrat/bird/fish)

    +10 if you make a story and upload it to the exchange


    Credit source (
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    Sims 2 Poverty Challenge

    (view updated rules here)



    Create a CAS Sim to be the founder of your impoverished family.

    STEP TWO: Move the Sim onto the largest (5 X 5) lot. Spend all of your money on ground covers/terrain smoothing until you only have 100 simoleans left. Nightlife users should use the familyFunds cheat to reduce the net worth to 15,300 from the get-go.

    STEP THREE: Check- are you down to 100 smackers? Okay. The true poverty challenge begins here: survive and thrive as best you can. The challenge ends when the youngest grandchild of your first (CAS) Sim dies of old age.


    • Each simolean (of the family net worth) is worth one point in this challenge.
    • Each child is worth 3,000 points (provided you raise them to teenagers).
    • -5,000 for each child taken by the social worker
    • -3,000 for accidental deaths (by fire, etc.)
    • -2,000 for each teen runaway
    • -1,000 for each promotion, including chance card promotion.




    3. Your original (CAS) founder Sim may work ENTRY LEVEL JOBS ONLY.

    4. Other Sims MUST START AT THE BOTTOM of the career ladder. You will lose points with each promotion, so think carefully about your strategy, and whether you want them to be promoted or not.

    5. All children must have the fortune aspiration. Grand kids can be anything.

    6. NO UNIVERSITY- you are poor, remember?

    7. NO ADOPTION- you are poor, remember?


    9. Only NPCs or service Sims may join the family. (Nightlife users may not ask them how much money they have.)

    10. Sims may only visit approved "Poverty Legal" community lots, NO OTHER COMMUNITY LOTS allowed!

    11. Hacks and custom content are allowed, but not if they are against the spirit of the challenge. Any custom careers must be BALANCED (eg. travel is okay, and OTR sales is okay because of the insane hours; richest Sim and stay-at-home careers are not).

    12. The poverty challenge stays on the poverty lot- if a Sim moves out, they are no longer considered part of the challenge. This means a Sim may not receive an inheritance, or any money or gifts/inventory items, from off-lot Sims.

    13. Teens may move out with an adult, but not alone. Kids and younger may not be moved out, period. Otherwise you will lose the 3,000 child points from raising them.

    14.Nightlife dating objects must be kept in the inventory- not used or sold.

    15. Sims may not purchase real estate, or order/sell deeds with OFB.

    16. Sims may not run a home business- unless it is the lemonade stand.

    17. Poverty challenge Sims may not be hired as employees by another business.


    19. Poverty Challenge families must be played using all four seasons. You may arrange the seasons in any order, and you may start in any season, but you MUST have a winter, spring, summer, and fall.


    LONE TEENAGER: No points for this, since you have longer to find a mate. But it is difficult in its own way, and we will all admire your fortitude. Start the family with an adult, then kill them off, or use a hack to turn your CAS Sim into a teen.

    PREGNANT TEEN (+1500 points) Use the insiminator or other hack to start the challenge with a pregnant teen Sim - but no points for the unborn child.

    OLD MAID (+35000 points) Your Sims do not marry/move in anyone, ever. All new family members must be born. You may have children out of wedlock.

    Posts on how to get rid of inheritance money and the approved lots: Click Here

    Credit (source):

    Sims 2 Poverty Challenge

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    SIMS 3: Sims 3 Official Trailers


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    SIMS 2:SIMS 2 ASYLUM CHALLENGE(With Rules, Funny Videos, Personalities, Astrological Signs, Scoring )

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    SIMS 2: SIMS 2 ASYLUM CHALLENGE (With Rules, Funny Videos, Personalities, Astrological Signs, Scoring )

    (view updated rules for Sims 3 here)

    You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goal your psychiatrist has set for you – your lifetime want.

    The catch? You need to achieve your goal as quickly as possible, while
    keeping 7 other patients, who you don't know and are out of your control,
    alive and as happy as possible. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to
    a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.


    Create a group of 8 unrelated adult sims.

    For the first sim (the only sim you will be allowed to control) assign
    them an aspiration using this chart and a die:

    1 – Knowledge 2 – Fortune 3 – Romance 4 – Popularity 5 – Pleasure 6 –
    Roll Again

    For the 7 sims you won't control use this chart and a die:

    1 – Knowledge 2 – Fortune 3 – Romance 4 – Popularity 5 – Pleasure 6 –

    You can choose the personality for the sim you will control, but must
    randomly assign personalities to the other 7 adults. Of course, if you
    really like randomness you may assign your controllable sim a random personality
    as well.

    You can use the method from the Prosperity Challenge to randomly assign
    the personalities. Roll the die once to choose the set of astrological
    signs and a second time to choose the sign from that set. Keep the personality
    traits as they default for the sign.

    Set Choice: Odd (1,3,5) = Set 1 Even (2,4,6) = Set 2

    Set 1: 1 = Aries 2 = Taurus 3 = Gemini 4 = Cancer 5 = Leo 6 = Virgo

    Set 2: 1 = Libra 2 = Scorpio 3 = Sagittarius 4 = Capricorn 5 = Aquarius
    6 = Pisces

    Choose all other aspects of their personality and appearance as you want.
    Again, you may random it up if you want.

    Remember you can never control the 7 other sims. You can't even look
    at any of their information after creating them. You can not know their
    ltw, their current wants and fears, or the status of their motives. In
    other words, once on the lot, never click on their pic. Also you may not
    ask them any questions or on a date, take them off the lot or get them
    jobs. They are heavily medicated patients and unlike you, they don't have
    day passes.

    On the other hand, you may ask them to join you in activities or use
    influence (or as I like to call it – mind control) to get them to do things.
    However, there is a bonus if you never use influence.

    You may only leave the asylum to work. You may have other sims visit.
    You can even date other sims as long as you don't leave the lot. You may
    influence visitors (you will lose the no influence bonus) to do anything,
    including cleaning, gardening and repairing.

    No maid, no gardener, no repair person, no exterminator. You can not
    have a baby or move anyone else into the lot even if someone else dies.

    If anyone dies (other patients or visitors) you must leave their

    tombstone on the lot and allow the ghost to roam freely. And congrats,

    you now have a haunted asylum. And if a patient dies, you must delete 1

    bed and 1 seat
    (until you are down to 1 bed and 1 seat).


    Choose any size lot you wish. You can also use a pre-made house if you
    want. Keep in mind, the design of the house matters more than it normally
    would in playing and you can't redesign once you start. A little thought
    and planning will make a world of difference.

    These aren't free range patients so you must give them a building. All
    objects, excluding plants, décor and lighting must be placed inside of
    a building.

    You may cheat for money to build but when you are done building before
    starting to play, you must reduce your funds to 100 simoleons. You may
    then NOT buy anything else from build or buy mode during the game except
    to replace stolen or repossessed items as long as you buy the exact same

    If you do not cheat for money to build, you do not need to reduce your
    funds prior to playing and may continue to buy any décor items as the
    game continues, such as windows, flooring, wallpaper, pictures, plants,
    lights and pretty knickknacks. You may NOT buy anything that serves any
    purpose other than décor – including surfaces, seating, walls, doors and
    skill objects. The only exception is that you may replace stolen or repossessed
    items as long as you buy the exact same item.


    Custom content is allowed as long as it conforms to all other rules.

    Beds – No bed may have over a 3 in energy or comfort. You may have up

    1 double bed and 3 single beds OR 0 double beds and 5 single beds

    Chairs/Couches – There can only be total seating for 6. That includes
    couches, lounges and chairs. If you have a dining table with 4 chairs
    then you may not use a couch that seats 3. You may have only 1 piece of
    napable furniture, so if you have a couch then you may not have a recliner
    and vice versa. No seating may have over a 3 in energy or 8 in comfort.

    Plumbing – Only 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 tub. For the tub you can have
    a tub or a shower or a tub/shower combo.

    Skill Items – Only 1 skill building item per skill type. No different
    types of items that build the same skill or multiples of the same item.
    For example, you can have a painting easel or a piano but not both since
    they both build creativity. You can have one bookcase but not two bookcases.
    The only exception is to allow for a tv. You can have a tv and a bookcase
    even though both build cooking.

    Entertainment - You can have a tv or a radio but not both and whichever
    you choose can not be more than 7 in fun. There can be no other entertainment
    items in the house – no mp3 player, no computer, no handheld games, no
    video games, no pool table, etc. This ain't The Ritz.

    Electronics – You can have as many phones as you want. But due to the
    shoddiness of the asylum, no burglar alarm, no smoke detector and no sprinklers.

    Appliances – You must have an accessible stove for the patients. How
    else can they play with fire?

    Aspiration/Career Rewards – not allowed.

    Misc – You can not use any lockable or claimable doors. And no rearranging
    of furniture to reserve or use something yourself. For example, you can
    not move the tv into a bedroom and turn it on just to get an uncontrollable
    patient out of bed so you can sleep in the bed (although if you have the
    tv in the bedroom all the time that is fine). Nor can you remove a door
    so others can't gain access to the bathroom so you can use it when you
    come home from work.

    Cheats/Hacks – not allowed. Exceptions are the money cheat during building
    (see building rules), aging off and if you want you can use something
    to make your uncontrollable sims unselectable.


    • Once you achieve your ltw you calculate your score.
    • You begin with 100 points then:


    • never used influence = + 20 points

    • each skill point your living fellow patients have at the end (you
      can look now) = + 1 point

    • each 1000 aspiration points your living fellow patients have at the
      end (add them all together and then round up) = + 1 point

    • each friend of the household = + 1 point

    The Bad:

    • every sim day that you remained institutionalized = - 1 point

    • each roommates death = - 20 points

    • each visitor death = – 30 points

    The Ugly:

    • Youtube has some funny videos on this challenge too:

    • It also has a lot to download if you want:

    Credit (source)

    SIMS 2: SIMS 2 ASYLUM CHALLENGE (With Rules, Funny Videos, Personalities, Astrological Signs, Scoring )

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